Talk to us about how to build a 9 or 10-Star Rating Home with Durisol Nexcem and Our Building System

Be it a new build or re-building, it is possible now to build a 9 or 10-Star Rating House using our building philosophies in a cost-effective way


A large proportion of heat entering the house is through the roof. The Durisol roof structure is designed to minimise heat entering the house from above.

Roof System
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  • Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) is a method of constructing a concrete and steel structure using modular and sacrificial formwork that becomes insulation once the concrete cures 

  • The insulated concrete core reduces or eliminates heating and cooling costs as a sustainable housing concept

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Internorm Window
Triple Glazed Window and Doors

100% made in Europe, Internorm windows and doors are produced exactly according to client’s requirements to the best of the industry’s standards. Complies with Australian Standards (AS 2047 and AS 1288). Ideal for custom built houses, their windows and doors are engineered to be outstanding at every level and as part of a Durisol- built home, provides the quality required to support the desired level of temperature and sound insulation for an energy-efficient home. For more information, please visit

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Insulating under the slab helps to isolate the house from the influence of temperature from under the house

Insulated Slab

Why Build with Durisol Nexcem?

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  • Heating/Cooling Cost

  • Noise Level

  • Maintenance

  • Carbon Footprint

  • Risk of Fire Destroying the Building Structure


  •  Durability

  •  Security

  •  Thermal Insulation

  •  Weather Resistance

  •  Sound Insulation

  •  Resale Value

  •  Indoor Air Quality

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